SM1651 Ladies Vibrant Colours Leather Sandals Fuchsia

Upper Calf Leather / Lining Sheep Leather / Sock Sheep Leather

Original price was: SGD129.00.Current price is: SGD69.00.

Finally, a pair of distinctive and exceptional leather shoes at a justifiable price point. Walk Safari is an esteemed brand of leather shoes catering to working professionals and hardworking executives. Each pair undergoes an arduous and precise process of cutting, stitching, lasting, and buffing, resulting in an alluring and durable pair of leather shoes.

Walk Safari is a mid-range brand that’s priced lower than its luxurious counterparts, but higher than the cheaper makes. It features stylish and slick designs that are intended to charm those around you with every step. Do keep an eye out for our surprise sales, and you just might be able to snag a pair of Walk Safaris for yourself at an unbelievable steal.